Smartphone’s enhance the festival experience

Music festivals and live shows have changed quite a bit over the past 50 years. Not just in terms of fashion or the quality of an event, but mostly due to improved technology.

Compared to music festivals in the 1960’s fans are no longer restricted to the ways they are able to communicate or share their experience at an event. This has created interest on how to engage fans at an event through their Smartphone.

One of the first apps released for the iPhone was an app for a virtual lighter, fitting for any slow song at a concert. The virtual lighter sways with the motion of your phone and will ignite or extinguish with the swipe of your finger. Fans are also using social networking apps while at an event to enhance their experience. A recent survey by ‘T-Mobile’ shows that 32% of festival goers update their Twitter and Facebook at an event.

Aside from acting as a communication tool, another reason punters won’t put down their Smartphone’s is their camera. The ‘T-Mobile’ survey shows that 66% of music goers use their camera phones to take pictures during a show. This shows music fans are increasingly using Smartphone’s at festivals, and now organisers have started to notice.

Event organisers have tapped into this market creating apps specific to their festivals to share information about the event. These apps include artist information, set-times, a map of the festival grounds, and in some cases even push messages; sending special notifications to those who have downloaded the app.

Being lovers of music, and music festivals, we have long felt that advances in mobile internet provide an excellent opportunity to engage with the large captive audience at a festival. What features would you like to see in a smartphone app for your favourite festival? Why not leave a comment below.

Check out the rest of the statistics from the ‘T-Mobile’ survey below thanks to

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